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Time and Attendance

Enhancing your business and it’s Payroll

Time management solutions

As experts in the industry, we partner with only the best, that is why we selected the Jarrison Time & Attendance Platform as our preferred solution and supplier.

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Enhances payroll information

All employee movement is logged and stored on the system, allowing for a swift month end that accounts for any absenteeism or irregularities. The platform is very sophisticated allowing for any type of shift condition too.

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Detailed reports

Finally, when it comes to knowing what’s happening, the Jarrison platform gives you detailed reports that can be customized to your frequency and requirement, ensuring that you have the information needed to scale your business.

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Control access around your premises

Connected directly to a biometric system, the platform allows for you to manage and monitor access throughout your entire premises. Ensuring that only the right personnel have access to the necessary facilities.

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Manage your visitors

Imagine having a fully qualified record of every visitor who has accessed your business, along with their fingerprints and required documentation. This is not only saved for their next visit but can be accessed by you for further use.

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Understand the ins and outs

When it comes to security, access management is a critical component for corporates these systems are complemented by a Time & Attendance platform that lets you understand the movement in and out of your business, and more importantly the activities of your staff.

Integrated directly into your payroll, our Time & Attendance Solutions reduces the costs and streamline the workplace, giving you, the employer information previously unavailable.

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We are passionate experts who specialize in CCTV, Access Control, Time & Attendance and General Security Systems in Johannesburg. Our Head Office is based in Gauteng, with a dedicated network of experts working nationwide.

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