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CCTV Camera Solutions Johannesburg, Gauteng

Keeping an eye on everything that happens

Our Camera Options

The options are endless, but we have the expertise to advise you on the RIGHT system for your business, estate or restaurant.

Thermal Cameras

Specifically designed to pick up the heat signatures of individuals and vehicles even at large distances, offering surveillance when there is little to no light present.

IP Cameras

Ideal for today’s interconnected world, as they are designed to provide live video feedback, either via a network or wirelessly, rather than through a closed circuit.

Night Vision Cameras

Security is a 24-hour requirement, these cameras are ideal for both residential estates and corporate, providing visibility and monitoring in low or no light conditions.

Spy / Covert Cameras

Designed to be incognito, these cameras work in conditions to assist businesses or residents to uncover situations that would be impossible under normal circumstances.

Dome Cameras

Widely used in homes, restaurants and retail stores. These have become most fashionable because of how well they blend into the surroundings. Furthermore, people are not easily able to tell which way the camera is facing.

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A camera never rests

Surveillance has become one of the key elements of any system, whether it be for security, safety or loss prevention, nothing is more effective than an integrated closed-circuit television (CCTV) system.

A property, residential or corporate is 90% less likely to fall victim to would-be criminals if a visible surveillance system is present.

At Active Motion, we pride ourselves on being a leading supplier and qualified experts of a variety of cutting-edge CCTV surveillance cameras Solutions.

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We are passionate experts who specialize in CCTV, Access Control, Time & Attendance and General Security Systems in Johannesburg. Our Head Office is based in Gauteng, with a dedicated network of experts working nationwide.

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150 Milner Avenue,
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