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Estate Security Johannesburg, Gauteng

Solutions designed to protect loved ones

The keys to good Security

A solid residential security system, especially in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, needs to address a number of key aspects. With Active Motion, you can be assured that we understand this and guarantee that the best, most cost-effective solution is provided for your estate.

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Surveillance (CCTV)

A property, residential or corporate is 90% less likely to fall victim to would-be criminals if a visible surveillance system is present. Let our expert team provide you with the best solution for …

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Perimeter (Fencing)

The wall or fence is your first deterrent for intruders, making sure it is near impossible to scale is imperative. Adding an electric fence is not only an ideal way to do it, but there is far more to it …

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Access (Booms & Gates)

Nothing is more vital in an estate or residential property than control of who comes in and who doesn’t. Providing a system that both enables security and supervision are what we …

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Experts in Estate Security

Having secured over 50 estates throughout South Africa, we not only have the expertise to deliver but understand the importance of securing residential properties filled with loved ones.

Our philosophy is that no 2 estates or homes are the same and they need to be approached with the highest regard for safety ensuring we research, attend to and resolve any potential risks as efficiently as possible.

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We are passionate experts who specialize in CCTV, Access Control, Time & Attendance and General Security Systems in Johannesburg. Our Head Office is based in Gauteng, with a dedicated network of experts working nationwide.

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150 Milner Avenue,
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