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Three Security Considerations Small Businesses Can Take

Written by Sheldon Pawson
Director // Security Expert
South African businesses are still experiencing high crime levels. Cyberattacks are on the increase in the country at an alarming rate, and many small firms are feeling the brunt. But that is not the only area where local companies are trying to shield their assets. According to the South African Police crime statistics, there have been 55 armed robbery attacks and 195 burglaries a day.

For any business owner, these numbers are alarming and remains a considerable concern. To tackle these threats, companies have to increase their investment in quality security solutions. Here are three pointers that business owners can e implement.

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How To Secure Your Business From CyberattacksTo safeguard your digital information, conduct background checks before setting up online accounts for employees. The upcoming Automated Biometric Identification System from the Department of Home Affairs can be used to verify identity. Limit the number of people who has access to information, using encryption, securing network access points and installing firewalls, to name a few methods. Updating your company’s anti-malware and anti-virus software, as well as implementing file recovery procedures and cyber insurance, is an advantage.

Prevent Your Building From Being A TargetFor criminals, the best target is one that is concealed and will be challenging to detect if something is amiss. Remove outdoor décor and trimming the garden and landscape, including bushes and trees near the windows, that burglars might use to conceal themselves. To protect your business, install lighting to prevent criminals from hiding in the darkness. Doors must be secured with deadbolts and sliding retractable security gates. Damaged doors and windows must be quickly repaired to avoid them from becoming potential entry points. Install alarm systems that will notify you if your building has been breached.

Security Cameras Installing security cameras is an essential strategy for deterring burglars. Not only are they useful for security, but they allow you to gather information about buyer behaviour. You can study which parts of your store customers frequent and which shelves they spend the most time at. It can also help settle disputes if an incident occurs between staff and customers.

Most companies often forego the opportunity to invest in quality security for their companies until an incident takes place. Although it is an immense investment, it is one you can make that will allow you endless nights of deep sleep with nothing to worry about. It is a kind of investment that can’t be leveraged with money as one robbery can cost you hundreds of thousands of Rands and damage to your company’s brand will be even more than that. There is no medicine for regret in this world, so why leave your business open to burglar and cyber attacks when Active Motion is experts in security. We are passionate about CCTV, access control, time and attendance and general security systems in Johannesburg. Visit our head offices in Roosevelt Park today or call us!

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