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Avigilon Video Surveillance

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Here at Active Motion, experts in HD CCTV surveillance cameras and installations, we are proud to partner with our suppliers, Avigilon. Avigilon provide a wide variety of top-quality HD CCTV surveillance camera systems. These cameras come in dome, panoramic and foxed shapes, and have the options of 1 – 5 MP and 4 – 7K resolution. These products have a range of uses, from simple home systems to complex CCTV surveillance camera systems that cover multiple areas. Whatever your CCTV surveillance camera needs may be, you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving the best technology in the business.

H4 HD Camera
Equipped with an integrated lens for remote focusing and zoom control, the H4 HD camera is easily integrated with the Avigilon Control Center (ACC)™. This allows for security personnel to respond to captured events in real time and intercept any incidents before they escalate. Additionally, this camera boasts self-learning analytics and is ONVIF compliant.
H4 SL Bullet Camera

HD CCTV surveillance camera installation is easy and has intimidating design sure to ward off criminals. The excellent image quality that this camera provides is thanks to the combination of patented LightCatcher and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technologies. The H4 SL Bullet Camera also makes use of HDSM SmartCodec™ and idle scene mode to provide optimized video streaming, economical bandwidth usage and the provision of its distinct and detailed imagery.

H4 Mini Dome Camera

The H4 Mini Dome is currently Avigilon’s smallest camera. This affordable CCTV surveillance camera is exceptionally easy to install and fits easily and discreetly into awkward spaces. Providing top-quality images by making use of LightCatcher™ technology, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) images and adaptive IR on selected variants, this product is one of our most popular.


CCTV Surveillance System

The Avigilon Back Office

Avigilon™ provides us with cutting-edge hardware solutions in a platform that is easy to use, scalable and highly secure! The workstations are designed to be easily integrated with other Avigilon systems and products for a premium monitoring experience.
Remote Monitoring Workstation

The range of high-performance remote monitoring workstations by Avigilon have been created with the aim to provide an uncomparable HD CCTV Surveillance Camera System experience. All workstations come with Avigilon Control Center™ Client software preinstalled, making them simple to integrate with other Avigilon products. These workstations can support as many as two monitors with 72 video streams!

HD NVR Value
Avigilon™ HD Network Video Recorders (NVRs) offer you highly-protected, resilient and flexible platforms for processing recordings. All NDRs come with Avigilon Control Center (ACC)™ software preinstalled and are very straightforward to use. These NDRs can manage many IP cameras of up to 7k (30 MP).
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We are passionate experts who specialize in CCTV, Access Control, Time & Attendance and General Security Systems in Johannesburg. Our Head Office is based in Gauteng, with a dedicated network of experts working nationwide.

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