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When COVID Forces Time Off From Work, It Should Force You To Work On Time

Written by Sheldon Pawson
Director // Security Expert

Time, that’s all we have these days thanks to COVID-19 and local regulations. And while businesses remain slow, if not still temporarily closed, more time has been made available for those no longer working as well as those spending work hours at home.

So, what is it about this concept of time, in these current COVID age, that is so important to businesses and companies looking to currently survive and later thrive? What makes time so detrimental to business sustainability during COVID-19, and future growth there after?

Well, read on. You’ve got time on your hands, so read on. It will be well spent, we can assure you.

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What Has “Time” Taught Us About “Time”?

For business managers and owners who have been spending their days working from home during COVID-19, the concept of time and its influence in business operations has hopefully raised new perceptions and insight.

Time has shown itself in a new light and if you haven’t yet realised all these new revelations, we’re glad to enlighten you and share with you what time has taught us as well as other business owners.

Time away from the office has made top level management and business owners realise just how much it is wasted within a normal office environment.

With this resource now being considered a company expense and hopefully will soon be categorised as an overhead.

Paying for an employee’s time when not used productively is simply not feasible!

Every wasted hour or hour taken to procrastinate, is an expense. Longer time frames for project completion, when shorter time frames could have be achieved, is an expense.

To turn this around, business owners now are focusing on rather valuing time, rather than extending time. Business owners are now seeing how some employees value their work hours and make the most of it, while others use time to their advantage.

All these realisations boil down to the fact that time tells the tale of business success or Failure/Business profits or loss.

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What Tale Will Time Tell For You And Your Business?

Now that you have realised that time is as influential to profit and loss as other expenses are and should also be considered a metaphorical overhead, how will you ensure that your company won’t suffer from the biggest loss there is: employees stealing (inadvertently too) time?

As business and offices open up more, how will you effectively manage your employees time to ensure every minute of every hour of their time is spent working on your company?

We’ve utilised a phenomenal solution by Jarrison Time and we’d be happy to share it with you. This system effectively manages all aspects of time within our buinsess and potentially yours too: From employee movement which is logged and stored for month-end accounts of absenteeism or irregularities to remove time wasters to upscale your business.

You’ll be able to know when overextended lunches were taken or time was wasted by your employee who spent a total of 156 hours in the toilet on so called bathroom breaks. You’ll be able to know who takes a lunch break while still enjoying 10-minute smoke breaks throughout the day. Time away from the desk can be monitored and stopped to ensure your employees are paid for productive time and to remove those who waste time and can no longer justify their salary level.

Link this with a bio-metric access control system and you’ll gain awareness of who is spending time where and whether or not they are using their time effectively to garner a salary that equates to time spent on work. It’s not necessarily about policing your staff, but helping them and you better manage that precious resource.

For Those Seeking To Cut Time To Cut Losses

For those who can’t afford the time of their full-time staff and are considering short time for their work force,  there is a solution to manage new time structures and your new business which now operates at different business hours or implores office and home-based work.

Rather than laying off staff or retrenching employees, rather opt for short time and allow the technological solution to manage these new time structures and ensure employees make the most of this new time structure. Integrated directly into your payroll, Time & Attendance Solutions also reduce the costs and streamline the workplace, giving you, the employer information that allows you to work out month-end monies in accordance with employee’s time spent on or at work.

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Current Times Calls For Time Management, And Time Working With Us

Now that you’ve taken the time to read our blog, we hope you take the time to contact us and allow us to provide time management solutions which align with your new enlightening thinking of time and how it affects your business in these COVID-19 times.

Don’t waste another second and use this moment to get in touch. At Active Motion, we make time for you.

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