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When COVID-19 Is Active, We Don’t Want It In Motion

Written by Sheldon Pawson
Director // Security Expert

These days, living with COVID-19 around us has become commonplace and with this, it is not quite business as usual. Unfortunately, this disease is still highly active, but there are new adoptions businesses and homeowners can employ to help get on with our daily lives.

Previously, access control systems and CCTV Camera Solution set out to win the war against criminals and keep unwanted persons out. Now there’s a new enemy on our doorsteps.

Fortunately, with a whole arsenal of new Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) and Access Control Systems such as Thermal Scanning available, unwanted germs and viruses can now be kept out as well.

It’s time to wage war on a germ that is spread through touch.

As touch has been the normal for entering and exiting a property or the means to gain access into a specific zone, it’s time for us to adopt other ways of entering to avoid this second enemy from gaining entry to our homes or businesses. And while most will turn to voice biometrics to permit entry and exit into properties, be aware that even though this may deny unwanted persons from entering, it still will not stop COVID-19 at the door.

Following in The Footsteps of Government

When touch and voice is out, one then can simply take inspiration from those that govern the land. While it’s hard to understand how government and security systems can relate in this context, it’s actually quite easy.

Currently, in attempts to control this ever-growing virus, government controls the movement of people by keeping tabs on them and their movement thereof. Now this sort of thought-out strategy can be applied to access control systems. Using security cameras to keep track of those entering and exiting properties as well as permitting this entry and exit is a smart way to go, given current times.

However, cameras alone and a visual image of the person by the door won’t make this possible if not combined with a database. And while a unified database may assist business owners and homeowners to understand and know who has entered or exited their premises, this, however, does have the potential to raise moral and ethical concerns. Now, this is another discussion in its entirety so before getting into lengthy debates over what is morally wrong or right, let’s move onto another SOP and access control system that is right for current times.

temperature monitor
When Black and White Turns into Colour

Fans of the big black box were amazed when their black and white screens started to omit colour and the same amazement can be said as security cameras evolve into thermal cameras.

Infrared thermal cameras, through sensors which detect infrared light produced by humans, can accurately detect fevers and allow you to see who you’re letting in, and who – or should we say what – they’re bringing in with them. Security against criminals and criminal germs can be boosted thereafter through temperature checkpoints at different locations within the property.

While these are only two options in a plethora of SOPs and access control systems available, it’s easier to keep this active COVID-19 virus at bay. It’s business not as quite as usual, but a sense of normalcy can be achieved for your property or business premises when you contact Active Motion.

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