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Time and attendance 1 - What is the best use of your own time in your business?

What is the best use of your own time in your business?

Written by Sheldon Pawson
Director // Security Expert

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate and your time is valuable. So keeping track of employee time and attendance shouldn’t be adding to your burden.

Time spent on the job, attendance records and payroll records have to be kept, of course, and you need to keep a handle on them to be able to establish your costs and profit margins.

Do you need to continually keep an eye on who has access to various areas on your premises during the course of the day, including visitors?

Watching movement and ensuring records are correct can involve lots of paperwork, time and frustration. Maybe you do it yourself, or perhaps your HR department takes care of it. Either way, while it’s an important job, doing it manually is not the most productive use of your or your team’s time.

streamline processes - What is the best use of your own time in your business?

Evaluate your system

Of course, you have a system in place, but is it the most efficient? Does it involve lots of files and input of data and endless spreadsheets that have to be coordinated? Do you have to manually match it to the corresponding payroll and check for consistency?

You should be free to focus on growth strategies for your core business, and HR could be busy keeping, recruiting and on-boarding the top people for your company.

Automate and integrate

If your time and attendance process is still manual, you’re wasting valuable time. You can manage labour costs and maximise your profits by implementing an electronic and integrated system.

Time and attendance software is a business app designed to track and optimise the hours that employees spend on the job and match that time to wages and salaries paid.

A system that is integrated with access control gives you and your HR department instant access to information, with all the details of your staff and visitor movement too.

Place the power and information at your fingertips

The brilliance of an integrated electronic platform is the way that Time and Attendance works together with Access Control.

All employee movement is automatically logged and stored on the system, allowing for a smooth month end that instantly displays any absenteeism or irregularities. The platform is flexible, allowing for shift conditions too.

All the info you need is available in a snap, including detailed reports you can pull whenever you need to. That’s great if you want to scale your business.

An integrated time and attendance system that is connected directly to a biometric system uses face, finger or voice recognition to give your visitors access without delay and helps you to monitor who goes where and when.

Active Motion offers a free consultation so we can find out more about your needs. We understand that every business is different, so the time and attendance system must operate according to each company’s unique specifications. Let us know if we can help you optimise your time and money.

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Logo Dark - What is the best use of your own time in your business?

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