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The Integration of CCTV Camera Systems and Access Control on Your Property

Written by Sheldon Pawson
Director // Security Expert

As technology evolves, seamless integration has become a vital component of any working system. Adding technological advancements to your property allows for increased operations that can improve the overall quality and experience of any system – and this can extend to your complete security system too.

With integration gaining traction in technology, installing integrated security systems has never been more crucial. When integrating your new CCTV camera surveillance system and access control to your residential or commercial property, you have the benefit of efficiency and security all in one. However, already installed systems can also easily be integrated with the support of a reputable service provider.

Previously, integration across security systems and devices came with a costly bill and a few requirements. Some service providers were only able to integrate systems if they had installed equipment or if bought from them. It also was considered a specialist service and needed to be completed by a qualified service provider. While it is still critical to work with a qualified technician, the misconception that integration is expensive can be quickly disqualified. Because this is no longer the case for the consumer market, as the need for integration has increased, demand and vendors are streamlining their solutions to offer this affordable value-added service.

The integration of CCTV systems and access control on your property is advantageous because the pairing is beneficial in enhancing the effectiveness of your total security. This benefit leads to several other reasons to integrate, explained below.

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Interactive TechnologiesManually analysing access control records along with recollecting CCTV footage, can be time-intensive exercise, especially if the systems are from different manufacturers. Employees may need to be allocated additional responsibilities which will affect productivity and end up costing you more. By integrating both, this process can be significantly decreased in terms of resource use because both systems will become interactive and easier to use.

Heightened SecuritySecurity personnel and emergency services can rapidly respond to emergencies. This is due to the advantage of having an integrated system which provides relevant information to quickly assess the threat level and determine recourse to alleviate it. Whereas this information is still available on incompatible or incomplete systems, it will need to be evaluated together to act swiftly, and that can take time.

Centralised DataWhile both CCTV systems and Access Control systems are adequate security features, there is a significant disadvantage to them working separately. Access control can be duped, with lost or stolen access cards. With the integration of a HD CCTV camera system, unidentified persons or possible threats can be identified speedily to prevent any further actions of the wrongdoers.

At Active Motion, we are committed to delivering expert security services to help secure your property. We determine your exposure, proceeding to either installing or upgrade your security defences. We can promise you that your safety is our highest priority. Active Motion offers many useful security CCTV and Access Control solutions. Our services are available to commercial clients, restaurants and residential homes. We believe in integration in addition to our values which remain the same, to always provide you with trusted and professional security services to protect you. For more information about our access control system suppliers and solution enquiry or to see what Active Motion can do for you – contact us today.

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