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The Future Of Firearm Use Relating To Security & Access Control Companies In SA

Written by Sheldon Pawson
Director // Security Expert

A lot is happening in the world of private security in South Africa. In the latest development, Police Minister Bheki Cele gazetted a few legislative changes impacting security guards in the country. Published late in May, some of the new proposed laws make prescriptions relating everything from security company uniforms to the use of firearms. In this blog, we focus on the changes to firearm-related regulations and what they could mean for you as a property owner – as well as the security or access control companies you use.

What These Changes Mean For Security Companies

The Police Minister’s gazette on firearm use includes several restrictions, including the requirement that security companies formally make an application if they intend to own and use guns in providing a service. This application will require the personal information of security guards with guns as well as the overall amount of ammunition and firearms in rotation to be shared. It’s going to make it more challenging and time-consuming for companies that use armed forces to protect and patrol neighbourhoods and properties, which may increase the cost.

CCTV Cameras

What These Changes Mean For Property Owners

While security companies might find their hands tied for a period, it doesn’t mean you have to forgo protection and lose peace of mind.

One of the best ways to keep a tight lid on security is to ensure that you know who goes in and out of your building at all times. Access control equipment allows you to do this, so speak to an expert about installing an alarm system tailored to your needs. The size of your house, neighbourhood crime statistics and the number of people frequenting your property will inform this. You can also add CCTV cameras to act as extra eyes that you can connect to your phone for constant monitoring.

Team Up With Security Experts That Will Help You To Protect Your Property

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to keeping your home or business property secure. Legislative changes present an opportunity for creative solutions, which the Active Motion team offers clients. Want to learn more about keeping safe? Contact us today.

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