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Let’s Not Forget Our Safety While Enjoying The Festive Season

Written by Sheldon Pawson
Director // Security Expert

Over the past few months, South Africa has gone through a few drastic changes; change in presidency, experiencing numerous petrol price hikes, brutal killings of young women and a few kidnapping cases. The nation, has almost never been more in need of a reason to to come together, if not for nothing, but a united celebration.

Thanks to the boys in green and gold, the Springboks injected some much-needed joy in this country when they lifted the Webb Ellis Cup recently. The nation was out in the streets proudly wearing their green and gold, waving the South African flag and cheering on until their voices were hoarse. We’re paying homeage to the Capitin Siya Kolisi and his team, the Boks, who never cease to amaze and the saving grace of the nation. Congradulation, boys!

This victory comes at an excellent time for more than the reason mentioned above, not to mention that we’re just a few weeks before the festive season kicks off. But before you get caught up in the euphoria of the season, do not neglect your home’s security. The reason is that this time is also known as silly season when criminals are out in the open looking to make a quick buck. If you don’t want to be caught in the silliness, then safeguarding your property and remaining vigilant at all times is vital to your survival. Investing in high-quality security systems is invaluable. There are a variety of cameras with different functions, including those that pick up heat signatures of people and cars, offer clear visibility and monitoring in conditions with low light conditions.

Criminals understand that during this time, families are off on holiday and leave their homes unattended. So, what do they do? They make themselves at home in your home, but the Christmas tree and the presents under it is not their focus. To prevent this from happening, there are a variety of methods one can use to secure their home and have peace of mind while enjoying the festive season. CCTV security is an excellent method to monitor your home and provide a threat to criminals planning to ransack your house. A Hd Cctv Surveillance Camera System​ will allow you to check up on your home if it’s connected to the Wi-Fi so you can notice even if a leaf has fallen off your favourite tree.

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Access ControlIf you have a business property and want to protect it during the holidays, access control is vital to monitor who goes in and out. The system can be a lock-down or alarm system to keep the employees secure.

It can also include biometrics, card access, turnstiles or boom gates. Access control will offer a detailed report about the activities of the employees, and there will be an administrator to monitor the logs if there is unusual activity detected. It will allow the administrator to remove access permissions if deemed necessary.

The team at Active Motion has years of experience providing Biometric Access Control System to offices, shop fronts, warehouses, and more in Gauteng & Johannesburg.

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Protect Your AppliancesAnd with load-shedding coming back into our lives once again, our electrical appliances are in risk of short-circuiting. Losing your TV or microwave can be a nightmare, especially if it’s not insured. But that loss will pale in comparison to losing the security system that you rely on to keep your home safe.

Ensure that you invest in the correct circuit protection system to protect your appliances, especially your security system, as our country’s load-shedding schedule is unpredictable and could take place while you’re on holiday.

For more information on keeping your commercial and residential properties safe during this festive season, there is only one reliable option, and that is Active Motion. Call us for Residential Access Control Systems in Gauteng & Johannesburg

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