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Keep Your Family Safe and Sound This Holiday Season With These Security Measures

Written by Sheldon Pawson
Director // Security Expert

If travelling to far-off destinations or driving to other provinces for bush or beach holidays this festive season is not on the cards for your family, and staying at home is your optimal option, be sure to keep safe and sound this holiday season. Criminal activity increases during this time of year so it’s important to ensure you have the best residential safety measures and securities systems in place to keep your family and property safe.

Only Santa And Family Allowed

The only people you’ll be wanting on your property this holiday season is family and friends, and of course Santa. Reduce the opportunity for strangers and criminals to gain access to your property with efficient control setups which can be introduced into your premises. With biometric access control and biometric verification, RFID cards and security tags, you’ll be able to effectively manage access on your premises this holiday season and keep criminals and strangers out.

Adults Can Keep Track Of Criminals While Kids Can Keep Track Of SantaWhile at home during the day or night, you can keep your family while they’re on the property through HD CCTV camera systems. Thermal cameras are specifically designed to pick up heat signatures of individuals and vehicles even at long distances, offering surveillance when there is little to no light present.
IP cameras are ideal for today’s interconnected world, providing live video feedback, either via a network or wirelessly, rather than through a closed circuit. Spy or covert cameras are designed to be incognito and to work in conditions to assist residents in uncovering situations that would be impossible under normal circumstances.

Dome cameras have become fashionable because of how well they blend into their surroundings. Furthermore, people are not easily able to tell which way the camera is facing. Either camera option is great to spot criminals on your property and the kids will love being able to track Santa’s movements!

A Fencing Solution So Effective That Santa Has To Fly Over

An effective fencing solution is your first deterrent for intruders so install perimeter fencing which proves impossible to scale and an electric fence option which is the ideal way to keep your family safe while in the property.

Holidays Are Around The Corner, Get Secure Now

With only a few days to go before criminals rise up to meet the festive season, contact Active Motion now and get the security measures which will keep your family keep safe this holiday season. For more information on different safety and security measures, check out https://activemotion.co.za/.

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