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How To Choose The Perfect Generator For Your Home Or Business

Written by Sheldon Pawson
Director // Security Expert

Sitting in gridlocked traffic, running your phone battery flat and not being able to cook are just some of the inconveniences South Africans have to deal with during rolling blackouts For South African businesses, the cost is even higher, with lost productivity during outages in 2019 alone amounting to billions. With Winter around the corner, it’s likely to get worse as electricity demand increases. Thankfully, sitting in the dark doesn’t need to be a reality, as there’s never been a more comprehensive range of generators available to households and businesses on the market. Being a considerable investment, make sure you ask yourself the following questions first, so you end up with one that meets your needs.

  • What Will The Generator Be Used To Power?

Before buying a generator, you need to consider what you’ll use the generator for. Will it be for charging phones and laptops or powering large appliances and geysers? Will you need to keep the lights on or keep an internet connection online over several hours? This will impact the size and power of the generator required and if it will be used continuously or for a one-off session. Depending on your needs, you may need to consider an inverter as a precautionary safety measure.

  • What Should The Fuel Of Choice Be?

Generators are powered by several fuel options: diesel, petrol, propane and natural gas. When deciding on fuel type, you’ll need to factor in cost of fuel, fuel efficiency as well as maintenance of the generator. Certain generators are powerful but noisy and can emit fumes, while more discreet or compact ones tend to have a shorter capacity.

  • Which Option Is More Suitable – Stationary Or Portable?

For occasional use, many households may prefer a portable generator. Stationary generators do offer a longer service life, but they tend to have a higher price tag and are less easy and convenient to use. Stationary ones will also be significantly costlier and complex.

  • Where Will The Generator Be Located?

You’ll need adequate space to store a generator. As mentioned, this space can’t be enclosed for safety reasons so inside a home or workplace is not a good idea. The carbon monoxide emitted by generators is a danger to health.

Generators are not plug-in-and-play devices and are more complex to deal with than one might think. To get the most out of yours, make sure you pick the best one for your needs and get a qualified electrician to install it once you’ve purchased it. Active Motion offers efficient electrical maintenance, repair and installation services for residential and commercial clients, so contact us today for assistance.

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