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Four Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Access Control

Written by Sheldon Pawson
Director // Security Expert

Nowadays, business and homeowners are constantly thinking of better ways to protect their property, especially in crime burden cities, like Johannesburg. Aside from standard CCTV or a surveillance camera, which can be complicated or difficult to use, more and more people are turning to access control, a smarter security system that is living up to its reputation.

Though access control has been used as a popular security system all over the world for some time, there are a lot of things you probably didn’t know about it. Here are four quick facts that might help you make a better decision about access control and how it could work for you:

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#1: Access Control Is Versatile

Access control is commonly used for huge businesses, retail stores, banks, schools and childcare facilities. But, it’s also a popular system for domestic properties, such as apartments, flats, residential blocks, or the homes of elderly or disabled people who are unable to easily come to the door. Wherever access control is used, the benefits remain the same: Warding off possible intruders while offering an easy way to lock and unlock doors, gates and other forms of entry.

#2: Access Control Works Inside and Outside

Capable of being fitted to internal and external openings, access control systems are designed to be very flexible, allowing you to open and close both external gates and internal doors in your business, home, or office.

#3: Access Control Is Smart

You can use your access control system with a 2-factor authentication, which requires a passcode (not just a button) to be entered in order to unlock doors or gates. Large estates, as well as private parks, often use this feature for extra security because it verifies that visitors and owners are cleared to enter the property.

#4: Access Control Has Memory

Your access control system is capable of recording data, such as who has entered and left a property and when. This data is gathered by computers that help command home access control solutions, and it is essential especially when there are unexpected break-ins because the memory can be used to aid investigation and apprehension. For commercial establishments, this feature is also useful for determining foot traffic and other analytics that vital information for important business decisions.

Because of their versatility and intelligence, access controls are becoming a growing trend, their systems being applied all over the world, scaling from suburban communities all throughout townships and even far-flung properties – and all in the name of better, smarter security.

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Logo Dark - Four Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Access Control

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