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Four Reasons Why Technology Replacing Security Guards Is Unlikely

Written by Sheldon Pawson
Director // Security Expert

As the world becomes more digitized, more people are faced with the threat of job losses. From the financial services industry to security (and everything in between), the conversation around technological advancements is taking on an excited and anxious tone simultaneously. On the one hand, there’s an upbeat reception of developments that help security personnel become more effective. On the other? Well, worries that the very technology designed to help security guards may well replace them. These are reasonable concerns, but here are few reasons why there’s nothing to panic about in the security officer job market as it currently stands.

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Reason #1 – Technology Provides Tools For Security Guards To Do Better In Their Jobs

CCTV cameras, alarm systems and access control devices are all there to enhance the work that security guards do. They play the role of extra eyes and ears in monitoring movement and activities, so that the people on duty can act swiftly when danger comes up.

Reason #2 – Some Forms Of Security Technology Are Too Expensive

Not every business can afford the latest technology, so relying on it alone is unsustainable. However, for properties like small- to average-sized homes and small offices, monitoring software and alarm systems suffice for the most part. Instead of having to station security guards onsite all the time, this technology alerts them when there’s suspicious movement.

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Reason #3 – Artificial Intelligence Is No Match For Human Intuition And Empathy

Only so much can be programmed into a machine. The ability to empathize with the next person or improvise based on intuition is a uniquely human attribute. This means security guards are better able to navigate complex situations and make sound decisions in the moment.

Reason #4 – Security Personnel Training That Moves With The Times

As long as security guards are equipped with knowledge and skills that enable them to use technology, they are still relevant. Only those who are stuck in the past become obsolete. The key is in embracing tech as part of the job.

The technology in the security industry is constantly developing, which means that things may change. However, for now and the foreseeable future, technological software and hardware are extensions of the senses that security guards use to protect the property and lives they are charged with. Rather than replacing it, technology will complement the role of security guards. Contact Active Motion today and see how you can integrate technology into your safety and security measures.

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