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Exciting Security Trends Expected in 2020

Written by Sheldon Pawson
Director // Security Expert

2020 is set to be an exciting year with regard to residential security trends. The Internet of Things, or IoT, is growing exponentially, as is AI (Artificial Intelligence). More and more things are being stored in the cloud, and other technological advancements are making security tighter than ever. We take a look at the main trends in CCTV and access control one can expect to see in the upcoming year, both new and existing.


A new and pretty interesting term, the Internet of Things, is making waves in the CCTV ad security circles. In reality, it is a collective term for all the devices that become connected to the internet all over the world. These days more and more devices are becoming connectable, which means that we are able to store and manipulate data like never before. CCTV will become connected in an unprecedented way. Each individual component such as the cameras will link to the internet themselves.

In the upcoming year, we can expect to see CCTV sensors of all sorts becoming connected to this vast network. AI will play a role in the improvement of CCTV as well. Thanks to new data analysis abilities, the video from closed-circuit televisions system can be analyzed in order to not only bring perpetrators to justice but also create better prevention techniques as well.

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Access Control System, Access control looks set for a pretty exciting year too. Biometrics are improving, as is attribute-based access control. Access control systems will be able to cater to the various roles that employees perform, combined with enhanced biometrics this will greatly reduce the chance of human error in security breaches. There are a number of interesting announcements expected in the early part of 2020, especially regarding facial recognition.

5G5G is getting a very mixed report right now, but the facts are that this connection will revolutionize the way that we connect to the internet and each other. The connection speeds with increase exponentially, as will bandwidth. Our mobile devices will become hyper-connected, and added to the increase in the IoT as well as AI, we are possibly looking at super security systems that can communicate with its various parts at light speed, and analyze all data that it collects.

It’s a Brave New WorldSecurity trends look set to blast off to previously unknown heights in 2020. Hyperconnectivity, AI, and everything being connected to the internet will make data analysis and response time vastly improved. If you are looking to install a CCTV or access control system in your home or business this year, be sure to contact us at Active Motion to become a part of the future of safety and security.

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