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Exciting New Trends Redefining Security In Residential And Commercial Buildings

Written by Sheldon Pawson
Director // Security Expert

The security needs of residents and tenants who live in residential complexes and office buildings will differ from that of home or business owners with their own property. This means that facility and property managers looking to upgrade these kinds of security systems will need to consider the most suitable upgrades available. By making sure a building only implements the most advanced and sophisticated systems, you add more value and heighten the protection experienced by residents. If your system is no longer suitable for your tenant’s or building’s needs and you need an upgrade, make sure you consider the following trends. You could be implementing them in the future!

mobile security
  • Mobile Access Control Systems

Our increasing dependence on smartphones to simplify and manage our everyday lives has inspired the creation of new security systems that integrate mobile access control systems and functionalities. This allows tenants to gain entry to a property through their smartphones or to let visitors in. Mobile access control is compatible with most existing security systems and therefore, will create as little disruption as possible to tenants. It’s also unlikely to be very expensive to integrate.

security auto bot
  • Autonomous Security Robots

The increasing availability and affordability of autonomous mobile robots is an exciting innovation for the security industry. These are highly visible intelligent security systems that make use of sophisticated sensors (thermal sensors and motion sensors), day-night cameras, facial detection and employee badge scanners to roam around offices and corridors autonomously and augment security protection.

  • Advanced Video Analytics

Video surveillance has long been a reliable component in a comprehensive security system. Surveillance technology has gained new ground and now boasts camera features capable of detecting thermal patterns and identifying an individual’s way of walking. In addition to pioneering features, this technology also offers enhanced video and data analytics for improved accuracy. Often the presence of this is enough to deter criminal activity.

While some security advances are closer to being implemented than others (it will be a while until we see robots roaming the halls), there are always ways you can improve your current offering to your building’s tenants. Active Motion is your first-rate security technology expert. Give us a call to discuss or assess your security needs, whether it involves access control, time management or any other corporate security concern.

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