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Commercial and Residential Security System Repairs – What Are The Risks?

Written by Sheldon Pawson
Director // Security Expert

In Johannesburg, most residential and commercial property owners have a security system set up to keep themselves and their belongings secure. However, what happens when that system needs repairs? Make sure you read this blog before planning any repairs on yours.

Keeping Your System Functional

It’s natural to expect your security system to be working at full capacity 100% of the time. To make sure that you notice when there’s a fault in the system and if your security is compromised, you need to perform regular maintenance on the hardware and software for the system. When your system is installed, you would have been provided with instructions on how to maintain the system yourself, and what to do should minor issues occur. The installation team should have explained to you in detail how to use the system to its full capabilities and what to expect from the system under various circumstances so that you’ll be able to see if it’s not performing as it should immediately.

When there’s a fault, it is highly recommended that a professional technician is called in to assess and perform any repairs necessary. Trying to fix it yourself can lead to damage in the equipment – and you could find yourself having to replace your entire system because of it.

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Why You Shouldn’t Delay When Seeking Help

While it may be expensive to call for a technician to review a possible fault in your security system, your best option will always be to use one provided by the business that supplied it to you. However, if you feel as if the technician provided to you doesn’t offer an affordable repair service or that they only have a basic knowledge of the system you’ve installed, there’s nothing wrong with seeking out a reputable and experienced technician who is more cost-effective, and who you can trust to repair the fault.

You’ll know you’re dealing with a professional if they can easily troubleshoot the problem and provide you with a thorough inspection of the system, checking your hardware housing and cabling for damage, ensuring that the system isn’t overheating or weather damaged and making sure that there’s adequate ventilation.

By paying attention to how your system operates and taking immediate action when a problem arises, your security risk during a repair is very low. Partnering with a security company like Active Motion will ensure that your commercial and residential properties are repaired quickly and efficiently, keeping you safe all the while.

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