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As Lockdown Levels Come Down, It’s Time For Small Businesses To Level Up

Written by Sheldon Pawson
Director // Security Expert

In South Africa, while COVID-19 is still very present, we are seeing business doors, and restaurants slowly start to open up again. And while business operations are not what they were, small to large businesses and restaurants are adapting to new, although lessened, business restrictions.

Sure, offices and restaurants are open, but times of operations are restricted. Sure, businesses can welcome back customers, but health and security measures need to be in place. Sure, shops are open, but this means they are once again open to criminals. Sure, commercial properties are open, but this means they are open to COVID-19 as well.

And with all this in mind, businesses of all kinds are making sacrifices to reposition their business. They are pivoting their work environments and offerings to be able to keep moving forward in times where health is a concern, but needing to do business is too.

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It’s About Working within the levels of COVID-19

And as business and restaurant doors slowly start to open again, it’s imperative for companies like us at Active Motion to help small to large businesses work within the levels of COVID-19 to help them get back on their feet and get back to business. And what is the first point of call to help them? Well, security and access control of course. More specifically, thermal scanners and ways of doing business without touch or close contact.

Access control and security are paramount in these times, especially in the business and restaurant world. Just because the lockdown levels are lowering does not mean our concern for the virus should as well. If anything, businesses should be levelling up on their security and preventative health measures.

Thanks to non-contact devices and structures, thermal scanners, thermal sensors, secure access control methods, and non-touch access, business environments and restaurants can still operate as usual. With these implementations, customers can come in and out without touch, and staff members can take to normal operations without having to fear that they’re pick up the virus through contact. The inclusion of floor buttons and ‘hands-off’ systems allow small businesses to still adhere to lockdown level regulations, but be able to do business. Temperature measurement and face recognition technologies and systems are the best health measure in current times, protecting customers and employees against this disease throughout the business day.

Given all this, there are ways to work around COVID-19 and each regulation that comes with the lockdown level.

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As We Move Down Another Level

Given the past and current present, it is easy to see that the economy will ramp up soon and it is hoped that business for every small to large business owner becomes better. With a move to Level 2 hopefully around the corner, may we all be grateful for the support our clients have shown and may we continue to work with our clients to create a business environment that is safe for them and their customers? If you’re looking to level up your business as lockdown levels come down, contact us at Active Motion today. We’ll be sure to help you with your security, safety and health measures throughout these COVID-19 times.

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