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Active Motion Partners With Guardian Security To Protect Sandton And Suburban Areas

Written by Sheldon Pawson
Director // Security Expert

Adding to the list of South African crimes, a recent incident at St Stithians School in Sandton, has propelled security personnel and providers to take security measures out of the home and into the streets of Johannesburg.

Active Motion, in partnership with Guardian Security, is doing their part in protecting the community at large who reside in Sandton and suburban areas. A new project underway, new measures will see the placement of an integrated CCTV camera network system which provides real-time monitoring and identification of possible high-profile vehicles and suspicious vehicles and criminals on the road.

The camera network is firmly integrated into the National Vehicle Intelligence Cloud (NAVIC). NAVIC is brought to market by a South African company which provides various tools and services in the provision of a security ecosystem for communities, business and government in the Security Industry. This security network and CCTV camera solution from Active Motion will successfully act on relevant vehicle-related data in real-time and will fight crime like never before.

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NAVIC Cloud Explained

To understand the full power of this integrated NAVIC camera network brought to local areas by Active Motion, a full understanding of NAVIC is required. NAVIC. According to https://navic.cloud, “NAVIC.Cloud is a secure and stable system tying the numerous functions, users, data and services together to provide an early warning, intelligence-based investigations platform.

NAVIC.Cloud integrates vehicle-related metadata from ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras, analyses and processes the data, and cross-references this with user compiled VoI (Vehicles of Interest) and 3rd party (like SAPS circulation / Unicode / ICB) databases.

Manual verification is performed through NAVIC’s Alert Room software solution and provides human escalation services as per instructions in the vehicles Incident diary as is standard in SAPS systems.”

As Crime Rises, Solutions Are Needed

Active Motion continues to provide the necessary tools and solutions to combat the challenges we face in the community and country at large, and this new camera network is just the start. We understand the importance of CCTV and other security systems in a time where crime is rising. We also understand how important it is not to just record and respond, but proactively monitor and prevent crime before it lands on our doorsteps and streets.

For more information on this project or how to implement a similar security solution in your area, visit https://activemotion.co.za today. Let us help you in our partnership with Guardian Security

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