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Access Control Changes due to COVID-19: Get Ready

Written by Sheldon Pawson
Director // Security Expert

There was a ripple felt throughout when it was discovered that the Coronavirus, as it was referred to more commonly then, could be transferred via objects and touch. Since the virus can remain active for hours on surfaces, this has completely changed the way we interact with spaces outside of our homes.

Something as simple as opening a door will never be the same. We’re far ahead of simply needing to push open a door or touch an access button to get in. Thankfully we live in a modern age of keypads, biometric scanners, manual internal access control, thermal sensors and many other secure access control methods which can assist in non-touch access.

Here are a few access control changes that you need to know about.

temperature checklist machine
What Is Access Control?

Access control is a security measure for controlling who enters your premises and has access to your data. This can refer to the controlling of the physical access that others have to your business, as well as, allowing and restricting access to your company’s virtual data. In summary, it is as the term states, you can control when, who and how people can enter your business.

This is a major security department that is often the second ‘to do’ on a business owner’s security agenda behind general security and emergency procedures. In this blog, we are referring to the physical access systems and the changes to these systems because of COVID-19.

Access Control System Changes

There are a few changes that could be on the way to your everyday life. These new systems are being implemented to protect the public from viral threats like the current global pandemic. The evolution of access control is based on the notion of not having to physically touch public surfaces.

We will definitely see more sensors, scanners, floor button and ‘hands-off’ systems. For businesses that are really looking out for the public, there are scanners and recognition systems that are new on the market that are ready to combat the current virus and any future threats.

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The use of temperature measurement and face recognition is a pretty neat one. Not only is this a great health measure in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, but it is also great for keeping secure monitoring ongoing.

This system protects property and employees from biological threats before any harm can be done. This has proven to be an asset as countries around the world attempt to flatten the curve.

The types of products within these preventative and data capturing systems include various non-contact devices and structures. Such as a temperature measurement camera, thermal cameras, walk-through scanners and more.

There have been many advancements to the digitised world of security, to keep up to date with yours, contact Active Motion.

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